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Free Tax Assistance


Although individuals on our library staff are not trained tax professionals, the library partners with two organizations that use our meeting rooms to offer assistance in preparing tax returns – AARP and the United Way of Stark County Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program.

Due to the governor's order, we cannot provide tax assistance during the 'stay at home' closure.

VITA - Volunteer Income Tax Assistance from the United Way

VITA services are offered by appointment only.  IRS-certified volunteers will prepare and electronically file federal and state tax returns for free for low-to-moderate income individuals and families.  If people earn less than $65,000 a year as a single filer or less than $95,000 a year as a joint filer, they may be eligible for VITA services.

2020 VITA sessions at Stark Library:


Tues, February 11 | 11am - 7:15pm
Tues, February 25 | 11am - 7:15pm
Tues, March 17 | 11am - 7pm
Tues, April 7 | 11am - 7pm


Tues, February 11 | 11am - 7:15pm
Tues, February 18 | 11am - 7:15pm
Tues, February 25 | 11am - 7:15pm
Tues, March 3 | 11am - 7:15pm
Tues, April 14 | 11am - 7:15pm


Sat, February 15 | 10am - 4:30pm
Tues, March 3 | 9am - 5:15pm
Sat, March 21 | 10am - 5pm

Patrons can schedule appointments by calling the VITA Call Center at  330.994.8482 Monday – Thursday, 10am-5pm, or visiting the VITA Website.

AARP Tax Assistance

AARP offers free tax help from IRS-certified volunteers beginning  February 3, 2020.   People do not have to be an AARP member, and there is no age requirement. 

2020 AARP sessions at Stark Library are first come, first served:

Madge Youtz Branch

Mon, February 3 | 10am - 3pm
Mon, February 10 | 10am - 3pm
Mon, February 24 | 10am - 1pm
Mon, March 2 | 10am - 3pm
Mon, March 9 | 10am - 1pm
Mon, March 16 | 10am - 3pm
Mon, March 23 | 10am - 3pm
Mon, March 30 | 10am - 3pm
Mon, April 6 | 10am - 3pm
Mon, April 13 | 10am - 1pm
Wed, April 15 | 10am - 3pm

Lake Community Branch

Fri, February 07 | 8am - 3pm
Fri, February 14 | 9am - 2pm
Fri, February 21 | 8am - 3pm
Fri, February 28 | 8am - 3pm
Fri, March 6 | 8am - 3pm
Fri, March 13 | 8am - 3pm
Fri, March 20 | 8am - 3pm
Fri, March 27 | 8am - 3pm
Fri, April 3 | 8am - 3pm
Fri, April 10 | 8am - 3pm

Main Library

Fri, February 07 | 9am - 2:15pm
Fri, February 14 | 9am - 2:30pm
Fri, February 21 | 9am - 2pm
Fri, February 28 | 9am - 2pm
Fri, March 6 | 9am - 2pm
Fri, March 13 | 9am - 2pm
Fri, March 20 | 9am - 2pm
Fri, March 27 | 9am - 2pm
Fri, April 3 | 9am - 2pm
Fri, April 10 | 9am - 2pm

Click here for other area locations hosting AARP Tax Volunteers.


Stark Library participates in a tax form distribution network with both the Ohio and Federal tax programs. 

  • The Ohio Department of Taxation provides a limited number of printed tax booklets for the system which we make available at all our locations, usually in early February.  Once these supplies run out, we cannot reorder.
  • The Internal Revenue Service provides print copies of several commonly used forms and instruction booklets to be distributed at our locations.  These forms typically start arriving in early February, and are put out for patrons as they arrive.  We may be able to re-order copies of these forms during the tax season.
  • Patrons may print 2 copies of a Federal or State tax form (but not instructions) for free at any of our locations.  Library staff can assist patrons in accessing tax forms, instructions, and information at tax.ohio.gov, and irs.gov, but library staff are not trained tax professionals and cannot recommend the correct form for the patron.

Federal Tax

Federal Income Tax Forms - IRS  Find forms, new tax law changes, get a copy of your return, E-File your taxes, find out about your refund and much more.  For questions about federal taxes you can call the Internal Revenue Service at 1-(800) 829-1040 or contact the local office at (330) 588-4417.

IRS Hotlines and Toll-Free Numbers  Wondering where your return is? Need Tax help questions answered? This is the place to go to find out the answers to those questions and more.

Ohio Tax

Ohio Department of Taxation  State Tax information and forms for Individuals, Business and Tax Professionals. For questions about state taxes call the Ohio Department of Taxation at 1-(800) 282-1780. State of Ohio tax forms can also be requested by calling 1-(800) 282-1782.  

Canton City Tax

City of Canton Income Tax Department  Here you will be able to find Personal and Corporate Yearly Forms; FAQ's. For questions about Canton city taxes contact the City of Canton Income Tax Department at (330) 430-7900.

Other Ohio Cities Income Tax Forms 
Find links to income tax forms for other Ohio cities.

Prior Years Federal IRS Forms, Instructions and Publications  Find forms from previous years.

Other State Tax Forms Page  Find tax forms and information for other states.

Tax Help - TurboTax  Tax Help subjects put out by TurboTax to help answer your questions.

TaxACT Tax Library  This site features free tax help, helpful tax tips, tax calendars, relevant tax & state web links, tax law information, details & tutorials on the TaxACT software, and more!

Tax and Accounting Sites Directory A listing of both free and payment needed sites that can help answer many tax questions or help you do-it-yourself.

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