How to use Kanopy

Gain free access to 30,000+ movies, documentaries, kids programs, and the enriching Great Courses series with your library card!

Get Started

You’ll need your library card number and PIN to access Kanopy.

  1. Click the “Open Kanopy” button below
  2. On Kanopy, click “Add Library Card”
  3. Enter your Stark Library card number
  4. Complete the form to create your Kanopy account.

Open Kanopy


With your Kanopy subscription, you can access up to five films each month with your five credits. Your credits will reset on the first day of each month. Unused credits will not roll over. Click here for more information on credits.

Kanopy Kids

You’ll have unlimited play on Kanopy Kids – a collection of safe, kid-friendly films and TV series that inspire and inform. In the Kanopy Kids section, you'll only see content that's suitable for children, so kids can browse freely. You can also set up parental controls to ensure children can't view content outside of Kanopy Kids.

The Great Courses

Each month, you will be able to access one series in The Great Courses. This is a deep and informative online learning platform with college-level courses and edutainment taught through video. The Great Courses offers a wide range of subject matter, so you can learn about philosophy, religion, the natural world, and much more.

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