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VHS, Vinyl, and Cassette Converting

Converting a VHS tape to DVD

We all had that parent who hoarded records or the aunt who recorded every wedding, birthday and holiday with her camcorder to freeze those special moments in time—but how do you watch them when the technology is obsolete? Easy! Visit the Maker Studio and use the Preservation Station. You can transfer cassettes, VHS tapes, records and more to digital formats. 

Conversion Options

Video Conversion 

Convert your favorite VHS, Camcorder, Beta, and 8mm to a digital format and rewatch your favorite memories. Please bring your own storage devices.

Audio Conversion 

Convert your favorite vinyl records and cassettes and add them to your current on the go playlist. Please bring your own storage devices.

Photo Preservation 

Preserve your favorite photos and capture that moment in time. Works with print, 35 mm film, medium format film, 127 film, 126 film, 110 film, APS film and slides. Please bring your own storage devices.

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Group Tutorials

Visit a local branch to learn the art of VHS conversion in a group setting.

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Personal assistance

Our Maker Studio experts are ready to help you learn. Whether you need guidance on our equipment or help with a project, our friendly staff are here for you. Call us at 330.452.0665 to schedule an appointment.

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