Reach for the Stars with
1,000 Books before Kindergarten

The Results are Out of this World!

A family 1000 that has read 1000 books before kindergarten.

One small step can set your child up for a lifetime of opportunity. Kids who make reading a habit early are more successful in school. That’s why we’re launching a new literacy initiative—1,000 Books before Kindergarten. The program is pretty self explanatory—early learners are challenged to have 1,000 books read, or read to them, before starting Kindergarten. You are your child’s first teacher and your mission is to set them up for success by talking, singing, playing, and most importantly, reading together. This will put them light-years ahead of their peers.

What happens between birth and age 5 impacts a child the rest of their life. If you can do only one thing to help your child get ready for school, it should be reading.
—Julia Shaheen,
Literacy Manager for Stark Library

Zeke, age three, finished the program in warp speed. He visits the library at least once a week and loves coming to storytime, using the computer, and borrowing books using the self checkout. When asked what his favorite book is, he responded with, “All of them and the Book with No Pictures!”

“We were very excited when Zeke enjoyed reading so early in his life. We often find him reading in his bed when he can't sleep!” Zeke’s parents feel the program has helped his imagination take flight and encouraged him to be more outgoing. While Zeke has always been imaginative, he takes it to a new level by incorporating characters and stories in his play time.

Zeke's parents hope his little brother Jack will be as eager to participate in the program. “We have been fortunate to be raised in families where reading was always a part of our lives. It was never forced on us, but books, magazines, and newspapers were just something our parents and grandparents read, so we followed their example.”

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Be a reading superstar!

The journey to 1,000 books isn’t as hard as you think! If you read just three stories a day, you’ll reach your goal in about a year! You can read your favorites over and over, read in other languages, or catch a storytime at the library.

How to Register

Children can register two ways:

You’ll receive a 1,000 books starter kit.


For every 100 books that are read (any ‘reading’ counts) a child will receive a sticker.

At the 500 book milestone, a child will receive a paperback book.

At the 1,000 book goal, a child will receive a keepsake hardback book.