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Nature Databases


What Tree Is It? helps identify and learn more about trees by leaf, fruit, or name, using an easy interactive tool. 

What’s That Snake? helps identify and learn more about the snake you've found by sight or name, using an easy interactive tool.

What’s the Point? - Identifying Flint Artifacts helps identify flint artifacts you've to learn more about the usage and cultures that created them.

GreenFILE - is a collection of scholarly, government, and general-interest titles about the environment. Full text. Peer reviewed. 1941-present.

Gale In Context: Elementary features easy to use age-appropriate (K-5), reliable, curriculum-related content covering a broad range of educational topics like animals, science, sports, technology, health, social studies and more. It is a great resource for young learners to research for school reports or personal development. Previously Kids Infobits

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