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Get the detailed information you need to tackle vehicle maintenance and repairs with our print and online versions of Chilton Auto Repair Manuals. Whether you're a professional or driveway mechanic, Chilton's instructions, diagrams, videos and pictures will get you back on the road faster!

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Getting started is simple. All you need is a library card to access Chilton Auto Repair's wealth of information for FREE. To get started, choose your option below.

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Chilton Library's popular features include:

  • Maintenance and specification tables that provide the unique data you need for each specific vehicle.
  • Step-by-step service and repair procedures, and labor estimating tool to help you confidently determine your next move.
  • Vacuum diagrams to simplify troubleshooting.
  • Wiring diagrams to help explain system operation.
  • Close-up photographs and illustrations for visual support.
  • ASE test prep quizzes for the most popular certification exams

Got a check engine light?

Borrow an OBD-II Scan tool to check your car’s error codes to identify common issues, fix malfuncation indicator lights, and save yourself the cost of going to the shop for a diagnostic.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access Chilton Auto Repair?

Getting started is easy!  To ensure you benefit from the Library’s free access, be sure to sign up for Chilton Auto Repair through our website. When prompted, simply enter your library card number and pin to start learning.

How much does Chilton Auto Repair access cost?

While Chilton Auto Repair access normally costs money, all you need to get FREE access to Chilton Auto Repair’ wealth of courses is your Stark Library card.
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Can I access Chilton Auto Repair from home?  

You can access Chilton Auto Repair from anywhere you have a device and internet connection. Just make sure to start your visit through the Stark Library website to get free access.

I have a "check engine" light on. What does it mean?

If you need to diagnose a check engine light, borrow an OBD-II Scan tool. Plug this tool into your car to read error codes, identify common issues, fix malfuncation indicator lights, and save yourself the cost of going to the shop for a diagnostic.

What tech capabilities do I need?

To access Chilton Auto Repair, you’ll need a PC, laptop, or mobile device with an internet connection (3G, 4G, or broadband).

Can I view Chilton Auto Repair courses on my phone or tablet?

Yes! You can access Chilton Auto Repair for free from anywhere in the world and from any phone, tablet, laptop, or computer, as long as you log in from the Library's website first.

Can I still use Chilton Auto Repair if I have late fees?

As long as your library card is in good standing you can access Chilton Auto Repair. If you have outstanding late fees, we can help with that! Just visit any of our librarians to have them waived and check out our fine free policy.

If your card has been suspended, your access may be compromised— please see one of our librarians to learn more.