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Frequently asked questions about using our catalog

The "Smart Search" bar on every page allows you to find what you need quickly and easily. When you search, you can easily switch between different categories in with highly visual results. However, if you prefer the old catalog or need advanced searching help, try the links to those interfaces or contact a library for personalized assistance.

Classic Catalog - Search the catalog with options for subject, author, series, or ISBN

Advanced Catalog Searching - Use multiple filters, Boolean operators, wildcards and keyword grouping to find exactly what you need.

Find additional info below, or contact us via live chat, send us an email, or call 330.452.0665.

You may renew by telephoning any library location, by accessing the My Account link from our homepage, or in person at any SCDL location. Items cannot be renewed if they are on hold for another patron.  If they are not on hold, all SCDL items may be renewed up to 20 times.

SearchOhio and OhioLINK items may be renewed 3 times.  OhioLINK books may be renewed 6 times.

The library offers three choices for sending out Pick-up and Overdue Notices: 1) Email, 2) Phone, and 3)Text Message. You may choose which method you prefer. If you have not chosen your Notice Preference, the system will use the default, which is 1) Email 2) Phone. This means the system will first try to Email the notice, then the automated system will call.

If you would like to choose how you will be notified, you can do so in the online catalog by logging into your account, and clicking on the button on the right hand portion of the page that reads Modify Personal Information. From there, you can change your Email address in addition to selecting your Notification Preference. Of course, you can always call or stop by your local library and ask a staff person for assistance in setting your preferences. You may also update your account by filling out this form. We will update your account with the information.

The automated phone system makes calls Monday through Saturday, from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm and it will make 3 attempts to call. If a call does not "complete" after 3 tries, then it will move on to try to notify the patron via Email (if there is an Email in the patron record). The system will leave a message on an answering machine. The calls do not identify patron names nor item titles.

If you absolutely do not want to be called, contact the library and your library patron record can be set so that you do not receive calls.

The system will consolidate all of your items ready for pickup or overdue items into one call. Unfortunately, it cannot consolidate calls to the same telephone number for different library card numbers.

Yes, customers may sign up for Library Notices via Text Messaging on their cell phones or mobile devices.

To begin receiving your notices via text message, go to the My Account page and log in.  Once you've logged into your account, click on the Modify Personal Information button.  Make sure you have chosen to receive your notices by Email.  Then, enter your cell phone number followed by @sms.oplin.org (ex:3305551212@sms.oplin.org).  If you wish to continue to receive email notices as well, simply enter your email account separated from your cell phone number with a comma and no spaces  (ex:3305551212@sms.oplin.org,123@abc.com). The following information has more details.

After submitting their cell phone number customers will receive text messages when:

Items they requested are ready for pickup
o Text Message: Item(s) reserved for you are ready for pickup at the library.
Items they've borrowed are due to be returned
o Text Message: Library materials are due back soon.
Items they've borrowed are overdue
o Text Message: Please return your overdue library material(s).
The library adds materials to its collection that match a customer's Preferred Searches
o Test Message: The library has recently added material to its collection that may be of interest to you based on your preferred search settings.

The number that the text message is being sent from (76000) will appear on the customer's cell phone/mobile device screen. Customers using the text message option may add this number to their mobile device's list of contacts as "Library" so that this will appear rather than the number itself.

Normal text messaging charges will apply.
Text messages are sent between 9 am and 9 pm.
Customers will not be able to reply to these messages.  This is strictly a one-way notification service.

Customers may also simultaneously receive an email version of the notice which contains detailed information, for example which items are ready for pickup, where the items are on hold, which new materials have been added, etc.  Anyone who receives emails related to Preferred Searches will need to sign up for both texts and emails if they would like to view their matches.

Customers who opt for text messaging will select "Email" as their notice preference and will have the following in the Email field of their patron record:

Email: 3304521212@sms.oplin.org (where 3304521212 is the customer's phone # ; always use @sms.oplin.org as OPLIN is providing this service)

Customers who would like to receive a simultaneous detailed email will have both their cell phone number and their email address in the Email field.  These will be separated by a comma with no spaces:

Email: 3304521212@sms.oplin.org,123@abc.com

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