THE SMART STORE™ is happy to offer one of the best values that you can own, your Smart Card. At the Stark Library, we believe you are constantly seeking to improve your life. That is our mission. To help our community ... start, stay and share SMART. And we do so for FREE! Your Smart Card is the first step in your journey, stop in or sign up online, we can't wait to see you.

Apply online — complete this form to get your online library card. Check out eMaterials immediately or pick up a physical card at any branch to check out physical materials.

Register by mail
print out this form (PDF - 112kb), complete and sign it and either mail it to us (see address on form) or return it to one of our many branches.

Both options will give you immediate access to the following resources:

  • Access library databases and online resources
  • Download electronic books and resources
  • Request materials from our online catalog
  • Log into your library account

In order to obtain a library card, a patron must present a valid photo ID (not a photocopy). This photo ID can be any official identification card that presents the patron's picture and name. Valid photo IDs include, but are not limited to: driver's license, State ID, Student ID, etc.


  • Patrons 18 and over: Acceptable I.D.
  • Patrons 17 and under: Parent or guardian must sign Library Card Application Parental Consent Form (Parent does not need to be present at time when card is issued; no I.D. is required.)

Library cards must be renewed every three years. At this time you must visit a library location to renew your card.


  • School teachers
  • Teacher aides
  • Home educators
  • School librarians
  • Library Resource Center Technicians
  • Teachers in nursery schools
  • Teachers in child care centers or preschools
  • Visit Educators Resources for more information on the loan policies.

Call or stop into the library to report the card as lost.  For new cards, please come to the library with a valid I.D.

Stop by the library circulation desk to update your information.  Changes made over the phone (mailing address, phone number, etc.) will be finalized the next time you show I.D. at any SCDL location.


  • Books, Puppets - 14 days
  • Books on CD - 14 days
  • Music CDs - 14 days
  • Magazines/Comics - 14 days
  • DVDs - 7 days
  • Search Ohio Books and Audio Books - 21 Days
  • Search Ohio DVDs and CDs - 7 days
  • Ohio Digital Library Digital Materials -21 days

There is a 50 item limit per card. All items may be renewed up to 20 times.  Materials may not be renewed if another customer has placed a hold on the item. 

Search Ohio and Ohio Link items may be renewed 3 times.

SCDL does not charge for late library materials.  Due date receipts are given at every checkout, but if items are not returned by the due date, fines will not accrue. We encourage everyone if they need additional loan time to please call their Smart Store location to renew or sign in to your account and renew online. All material not returned after 4 weeks past the due date will be charged full replacement costs for the material.

  • Patrons with more than $25 in fines may be sent to the library's collection agency. 
  • All SCDL locations accept cash, personal checks, or Visa/MasterCard. Restrictions may apply.

Customers are sent a 1st Overdue Notice by phone or email 1 week after an item is due to be returned.  A 2nd Overdue Notice is sent 3 weeks after the due date.  After library materials are 4 weeks overdue, customers will be mailed a bill for the unreturned items. Customers who have more than $25 in fines or overdue materials may be sent to the library's collection agency once the items reach 2 months overdue.

Replacement costs may be paid online through the library's PayPal account.  Online payments must total a minimum of $1.01. You may also pay replacement costs at any library location.  The library accepts cash, checks. and credit/debit cards.  

To pay online, log into your library account and locate the "View Fines and Fees."  Click on the "Pay Online" button. You may choose to pay all fees listed or you may uncheck those you do not wish to pay at that time. Click on "Continue" to proceed to the next screen.

On the PayPal Payflow link page, enter your credit card number, card type and expiration date and click "Continue." You will also be asked to enter your card's CSC number (the 3 digit number on the back of your card) and other billing information.  Then click "I authorize this transaction."

After confirming that the information is correct, click on "Submit Transaction for Processing." You will be notified that the transaction is approved immediately on the next screen and an email will be sent to your account with confirmation information.  Clicking on "Return to Your Library Account" will take you back to the catalog.

No, you may return library materials to any Stark County Library Location, including book-drops and bookmobiles.

Access your library account and log in.  Then, click on the Modify my PIN button and you'll be able to change your number.  If you forgot your PIN number click on the Forgot Your PIN link and you'll be sent an email so that you can access your account.  You'll then be able to change your PIN to a number.

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