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In this third year of presenting authors with a Stark County connection, we asked the writers if they would share a passage of their writing on the theme of “people.” The passages vary widely, as do the genres the authors work in. There is a son’s history of his father’s WWII years, a mystery set in the Garden District of New Orleans, a poem about a childhood accident, a grandson’s discovery of his grandfather’s Great Depression secret, and, as in past years, a piece of exceptional journalism by a writer from The Repository. You can come here daily this week to read an offering by a different author each day.

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One of the authors is featured in a live event this week. Please come to hear Frank Lavin discuss his book, Home Front to Battlefront: An Ohio Teenager in World War II, on March 21st at 6:30 in the wonderful Palace Theater. Copies of the book will be available for sale at the venue. Register Here  View Author Events

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“Local Authors Week” is a project curated by Diane Kendig on behalf of the “Friends of the Library.” Kendig is grateful for the assistance of Stark District Library Literacy and Events Coordinator Marianna DiGiacomo and Web and Digitial Manager David Brown.

Ted Gup

TedGup Biopic


The Secret Gift is an account of a true family story, told only decades after the fact, about how in 1933 an unidentified man offered to send $5 ($94 in 2017 dollars) for the Christmas holidays to Cantonians, caught in the penury of the Great Depression, who sent him a letter detailing their hardships. Seventy- five years later, Ted Gup came into possession of the letters, along with the fact that the unidentified man had been his grandf ... [CLICK TO VIEW MORE]

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Tim Botos

TimBotos Biopic


Keri Gerstenslager delivered her baby 14 weeks before his due date. Doctors and nurses tried to save him, but got nowhere. Gerstenslager and her husband decided to take him off life support — and they waited for him to die.

Still inside his mom’s womb, Austin Gerstenslager began a journey to his birth and medically certain death.

A half-dozen nurses and assistants wheeled mom and unborn out of Room 407 at Aultman Hospital’s birth center. The b ... [CLICK TO VIEW MORE]

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Julie Chase

JulieChase Biopic


Mr. Tater made his usual circuit around my store’s interior, touching random items on shelves and exploring the pet treats inside my displays. His thinning gel-spiked air went well with the gold rope necklace and pinstriped dress shirt tucked neatly into jeans worn around his navel. Unfortunate wardrobe aside, Mr. Tater was catnip for the over forty and single crowd. He’d amassed a fortune with his savvy business investments and liked to flaunt his money more ... [CLICK TO VIEW MORE]

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David Wagoner

DavidWagoner Biopic


I was listening to the man 

on the radio plucking strings 

with his fingers and fingernails 

and telling us how to play. 


I was holding the open doors 

of our upright cabinet 

and feeling so full of music 

I lifted my whole body, 


and the radio toppled toward me 

and slammed me to the floor. 

The edge cut off the ends 

of two of my right fingers.


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Project coordinated by...

Diane Kendig


Diane Kendig has worked as a poet, writer, translator and professor, authoring hundreds of works, including five poetry collections, including Prison Terms, due out in June. Her awards include two Ohio Arts Council Individual Artist Fellowships as well as NEH and Fulbright awards. A native of Canton, she returned home in 2011 after forty years living elsewhere. She now lives in the house her father built in Perry Township upon returning from WWII with money he earned taking photos from his precarious position as tailgunner in a B-17. You can find her online at dianekendig.com or her blog “Home Again.” 

(Photo credit: Lisa Nardi)

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