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Join the Summer  Reading  Challenge
June 6-July 30

Kids and Teens—read from June 6th to July 30th and mark the map to gather prizes along the way. Get the map in the Smart Store Guide, at your local branch, or by downloading and printing it.

Here’s how it works:

  • From June 6 to July 30, mark one space for each day you read and receive a prize for every 5 days you read.
  • If you read for 40 days, bring in your completed map for a prize. Read an additional 10 days for a bonus prize.
  • Use the Bingo sheet to help you find new things to read! Win a prize for completing a bingo.


Printable Activity Pages

s16 summer reading hopscotch
How to Play Hopscotch

s16 summer reading sports science
Sports Science Crossword

s16 summer reading movement search
Movement Word Search

s16 summer reading roller skate coloring
My Roller Skate (Coloring)

s16 summer reading hidden pictures
Hidden Pictures

s16 summer reading sports crossword
Sports Crossword

s16 summer reading sports match up
Sports Match-Up

s16 summer reading kids yoga
Kids' Yoga Poses

s16 summer reading roller skate maze
Roller Skate to the Finish (Maze)


 Kick-Off Events

Come to the kick-off event at your local branch for a fun start to the summer reading season.

Lake Community Branch
Monday, Jun 6 | 1–4 pm
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Main Library
Monday, Jun 6 | 1–3 pm
View Details

Madge Youtz Branch
Monday, Jun 6 | 1–3 pm
View Details

Jackson Township Branch
Monday, Jun 6 | 2–4 pm
View Details

Sandy Valley Branch
Monday, Jun 6 | 2–4 pm
View Details

DeHoff Memorial Branch
Monday, Jun 6 | 4–7 pm
View Details

East Canton Branch
Tuesday, Jun 7 | 2–3 pm
View Details

North Branch
Tuesday, Jun 7 | 2–4 pm
View Details

Plain Community Branch
Wednesday, Jun 8 | 2–3 pm
View Details

Perry Sippo Branch
Thursday, Jun 9 | 2–4 pm
View Details

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 Reading Lists

See these recommended picks from our librarians.

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Picture Books

Children’s Nonfiction

Juvenile Fiction

Teen Nonfiction

Teen Fiction