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We’re Moving on August 1!

On August 1st, the Jackson Township Branch will be moving to a new location in The Marketplace at Nobles Pond. This will be the temporary home of the branch for the next two years while we design and build a new permanent building.

The Nobles Pond location will serve as both the temporary home of the branch as well as a Smart Store incubator to test pilot many of the new technologies, features, and services we plan to introduce in all of our locations in the near future. As one of our busiest branches, Jackson is a great place to gather feedback as we re-imagine ourselves as The Smart Store®.

We’re sure you have questions…here are a few of the most common ones, but please ask our library staff for details—they’d love to tell you more about what’s in store for the future of the Jackson Township Branch.

Where to Find Us?

Our new facility is conveniently just across the intersection of Fulton and Wales (near the 3 Brothers restaurant at the west end of the plaza). Saturday July 30th will be our last day of service at the current location, but don’t worry! The transition will occur with no extra downtime and we will be ready to roll on Monday, August 1st.


Sun *Starting Sept 11

  Map to the new Jackson Branch location.

New Address
7186 Fulton Drive NW, Canton, Ohio 44718

Same Phone Number



Q. Where is the temporary location and how long will the Library be there?

The Nobles Pond location is conveniently just across the intersection from the current branch location. We’ll be near the 3 Brothers restaurant on the corner. While we don’t have a complete timeline for the new branch yet, we expect to be in the temporary space for two years.


Q. Why is the existing building being replaced?

In short, an extensive review of the facility by architects and engineers revealed that the current building needs major repairs due to water penetration and other hidden issues that have aged the building faster than its actual 25 years.

While it could be repaired, the cost to address the exterior issues and renovate the interior would be nearly as much as building a new building. A new library can be designed to be more flexible in its layout, more economical to operate, and ultimately better serve the community for generations to come. Based on these findings, our professional advisors have recommended that our best option is for the current building to be torn down and replaced.


Q. Where will the new permanent branch be located and how will it be funded?

Rest assured, we’re staying in Jackson Township—one of our busiest and most frequented locations! The new building will be on the same township-owned property as where the current library resides. All monies previously raised for the Jackson renovation will be applied to the new library building. Additional funds will be raised from the community as a part of the “Re-imagine” capital campaign.

Construction Updates

Introducing the 24/7 Lobby
Sharing Smarter With Technology

As the place where everything is free® it’s hard to beat the price at the Library. But sometimes your schedule may not conveniently line up with ours. At the new interim Jackson Township Branch, we’re introducing a whole new way to use the library: the 24/7 Lobby. Now a bestselling book, the latest blockbuster movie, or your reserved materials are available any time—day or night.


Want to pick up your materials after hours? Simply reserve them online or by phone. Request to pick them up from the Jackson lockers and we’ll email you when they’re ready. Swing by and scan your card to retrieve your materials whenever is convenient for you.


Reserve a movie from our website or stop by and browse what’s in the Media Box. It’s a lot like Redbox except that our box is blue… oh, and you can borrow everything inside it for free!


Why should movie buffs have all the fun? Browse a wide selection of handpicked titles and feed your late night book craving with the new book machine.

Not from the Jackson area? This location is being used to test pilot a whole range of technologies and services we’d like to introduce across Stark County. Come try out some of the ideas we’re exploring and see the future of our libraries.

This location will serve as a Smart Store incubator to test new technologies, features, and services we plan to introduce in all of our locations (architect rendering).


The lobby will be open 24 hours and will have a book vending machine and pick up lockers (architect rendering).

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