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You don’t have to be Joanna Gaines or Martha Stewart to do-it-yourself. Discover a new hobby with CreativeBug tutorials on hundreds of topics, transform your home with home improvement eMagazines, or even learn how to diagnose and fix your own car Chilton’s Auto Repairs. You’ll be rehabbing houses and fixing engines (and everything in between) like a pro in no time!

There’s no limit to what you can do at the Library!


Consumer Reports

Do Your Research

Looking for a new appliance? Make the right decision every time with expert, unbiased reviews for electronics, home and garden products, cars, and baby gear.

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Home Magazines

 Get Inspired

No matter your style, get your home and yard showroom ready.

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Home Improvement Guides & Tutorials

 Keep Your Car Running Smoothly

Autel Car Scanner

Borrow the OBD-II Scan tool to check your car’s error codes to identify common issues, fix malfuncation indicator lights, and save yourself the cost of going to the shop for a diagnostic.
Reserve the OBD-II Scan Tool

Chilton Print & Digital Library

Or, check out our print and online versions of Chilton’s famous repair manuals. Whether you’re a professional or driveway mechanic, Chilton’s detailed instructions, diagrams, videos and pictures will get you back on the road faster!

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 Keep Your House in Peak Condition

Borrow these smart devices from our collection when you need them instead of buying them.

Radon Detector

Ensure your radon gas levels are at a safe level.
Reserve a Corentium Radon Gas Detector

Speck Monitor

Detect fine particulate matter in your indoor environment.
Reserve a Speck Air Quality Monitor


Cut your utility costs by tracking down energy gremlins.
Reserve a Kill-A-Watt meter