Unattended Minor Policy

Resolution Number 2019-59; Approved December 23, 2019 by Library Board of Trustees; Effective February 1, 2020

  1. The library welcomes and encourages patrons of all ages, including minors, to visit the library and take advantage of the programs, services and resources which it offers. A minor, as defined in the Ohio Revised Code, is a person under eighteen years of age.
  2. The responsibility for the safety and behavior of minors in the library always rests with the parent, guardian or assigned adult caregiver and not with library personnel.
  3. The Stark County District Library has in place a Patron Code of Conduct Policy for the purpose of creating a pleasant atmosphere for all of our patrons and to ensure that everyone using the library may do so without disruption. This policy is to be applied to all situations, and all minors are subject to its enforcement while using the library’s services and attending library programs.
  4. The library requires children five years old or under to be immediately supervised by a caregiver while visiting the library. The library reserves the right to determine when a minor over the age of five must be accompanied by a parent, guardian or assigned adult caregiver. In the event a minor is left unsupervised, including minors left unattended after closing, and a caregiver cannot be located, the library reserves the right to contact the police or appropriate authority.
  5. In the event that a minor violates the Patron Code of Conduct, and is not responsive to staff warnings to discontinue disruptive behavior, and no caregivers are present, staff will make every effort to contact the parent/guardian by phone and advise them that the minor is about to be evicted and that said minor will need a ride home. If staff are unable to contact the parent/guardian, the library reserves the right to evict the minor and/or contact the police or other appropriate authority. The minor may be asked to wait outside of the library.
  6. The Director is authorized to implement procedures and guidelines consistent with this policy. These procedures and guidelines will be administered by designated library staff and Security.

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