Table of Charges Resolution

RESOLUTION 2020 - Effective November 2, 2020


Table of Charges  
Collection Agency Fee (non-refundable) $10.00
Damaged Book Pages $1 per page
Discretionary Meeting Room Clean-up/Damage Fee Minimum $25.00

$1.00 (includes tax)

Faxes (Local/Long Distance/Toll Free Numbers) No charge
Faxes (International) Not Available
Kindergarten Readiness Pack piece $5.00 each piece
Non Sufficient Funds Charge $20.00
Photocopies (Black & White) $0.15 per side
Photocopies (Color) $0.50 per side
Computer Printing (Black & White) $0.15 per side
Computer Printing (Color) $0.50 per side
Processing Fee for Lost Materials (non-refundable) $5.00 each item
Replacement Barcode $1.00 each
Replacement Audiobook CD Cases $5.00 each
Replacement Cases for CDs, DVDs, and Video Games $1.00 each
Replacement Inserts for CDs and DVDs $3.00 each
Replacement Puppet Bags $1.00 each
Replacement CD / DVD for Multi-sets $8.00 each
USB Flash Drives

Up to $12.00 each (includes tax)

Passport Execution Fee $35.00
Passport Photo Fee

$12.00 (includes tax)

Maker Space – 3D Printer

$1.00 per hour.
First hour is at no charge.

Maker Space – Button Maker

$.10 per button.
First 20 buttons at no charge.

Maker Space – Poster Printer $2.00 per linear foot.
Maker Space – Vinyl Cutter

$1.00 per square foot.
No charge if patron provides manufacturer recommended vinyl.

Out of State Library Card
(cardholder does not live, work, or attend school in Ohio)

$30.00 (annual fee)


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