Meeting Room Policy

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Document Number PM 4003, Resolution Number 2012-22
Adopted Date March 20, 2012


1. The Stark County District Library agencies will allow businesses, organizations and groups to use the public meeting rooms on an equitable basis subject to the guidelines for use defined separately.

2. Permission to use the public library's public meeting rooms does not imply library endorsement of the aims, policies, activities or affiliation of any such group or organization.


1. Permission will be granted if the facilities are not needed for administrative use, activities, or programs sponsored in whole or in part by the library, and when such use is not disruptive of the programs and activities of the library.

2. Simple set-up arrangements will be provided upon request.

3. Organizations using the public meeting rooms may not charge an admission fee.

4. Organizations using the public meeting rooms will not be permitted to make any sales.

5. Organizations using the public meeting rooms may not use advertising and publicity which imply that their programs are

  • sponsored by the library
  • co-sponsored by the library
  • or approved by the library - The Executive Director/Associate Directors may give written permission to use the library's name.

6. An adult leader shall be present at all time and be responsible for the supervision of any groups of children under the age of eighteen using the public meeting rooms.

7. Attendance at meetings/programs may not exceed the maximum number certified by the Fire Department as the occupancy limit for the room.

8. The Library Executive Director and Library Board of Trustees reserve the right to cancel any application submitted for use of the meeting rooms should conditions or situations warrant such action.

9. Admission may be charged for programs sponsored by the library and its affiliated organizations, and the sale of goods that directly or indirectly benefit the library will be permitted.


1. Simple refreshments (coffee, doughnuts, punch, cookies, hor d'oeuvres, etc) or box lunch may be served at meetings.

2. The kitchen (at only particular public library meeting rooms) does not have cooking equipment.

3. No alcoholic beverages may be served on library property.

4. The library does not provide supplies such as cups, containers, paper goods, tea and coffee.

5. Refreshments may not be taken from the public meeting rooms to other areas of the library.

6. Groups using the kitchen or a public meeting room are expected to return the area to the condition in which they found it; failure to do so may result in a clean-up charge of a minimum $25.00.


1. The library is not responsible for the loss or damage to any equipment or materials owned or rented by an individual, group or organization while using the public meeting rooms.

2. Any individual, group or organization using the public meetings rooms shall be held responsible for willful or accidental damage to the library building, grounds, collections or equipment caused by the group, individual or organization, members or those attending the program or meeting.

3. Any individual, business, group, or organization holding a meeting in the library must fully release and discharge the Stark County District Library, its officers, agents and employees from any and all claims from injuries, including death, damages or loss, which may arise or which may be alleged to have arisen out of, or in connection with the meeting or program.

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