Internet and Computer Use Policy

Resolution 2019-59 | Approved December 23, 2019 by Library Board of Trustees, Effective March 1, 2020

Integral to the mission of Stark County District Library is the provision of resources to meet the informational, educational, cultural, and recreational needs of the diverse population of Stark County. For this purpose, the Library makes Internet connected computers and a wi-fi connection available to all patrons, and does not restrict access by need. Each patron is asked to accept this Internet and Computer Use Policy in order to initiate an Internet session on Library workstations.

Stark County District Library’s network supports access to most commonly used Internet and cloud-based content. In adherence to Library policy, and in the interest of patron and network security, some web content may not be accessible. Additionally, Stark County District Library does not allow software applications to be installed on Library computers. The option to permanently save personal files to computers or the Library’s network is not available. Preinstalled software and web-based content permissible by law and this policy are freely accessible. Patrons may save files to external or cloud-based storage, send files to their personal email accounts, or print documents for a fee at designated workstations.

Internet content accessed via the public Wi-Fi is not filtered. Filtering on patron owned or provided devices is the responsibility of the patron or the parent or guardian of the patron. All public computers use filtered Internet access. Patrons age 18 or older may consent to access filtered web content. Parents or guardians may choose to allow their children under the age of 18 to similarly override the Internet filter upon encountering a filtered site. Oversight of a minor’s access and use of e-mail, instant or direct messaging, chat rooms, social media, and other methods of direct electronic communication is the responsibility of a parent or guardian.

The information available on the Internet, due to its scope and diversity, may not be accurate, authoritative, factual, legal, reliable, or complete. Library patrons should carefully assess the validity of information located on the Internet. Library employees are available to provide limited assistance to individual patrons. Patrons are encouraged to take advantage of free Library classes that provide instruction on the Internet and computer skills.

The use of the Internet or any computer device within the library to engage in any activity that constitutes a violation of local, state, or federal law is strictly prohibited including unlawful access to private computers, networks or data sources; or accessing content which local, state, or federal law has defined to be obscene. Patrons may not display images that create an overtly offensive, hostile or intimidating environment for other patrons or staff in their immediate area. Patrons may not display on screens or printers sexually explicit graphics or other materials which may be harmful to minor as defined in local, state, or federal law or applicable court decisions. Internet users, like all patrons, are governed by the Library’s Patron Code of Conduct Policy.

While Stark County District Library does not capture, disclose, or disseminate the personal information of any patron, absolute privacy for patrons using electronic resources cannot be guaranteed. Any user name, password, email, credit card number, financial, or other personal information entered may not be private or completely secure.

This Internet and Computer Usage Policy will be reviewed and accepted by Stark County District Library’s Board of Trustees.

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