Borrowing Privileges Policy

Resolution 2019-56 | Approved November 19, 2019 by Library Board of Trustees, Effective November 19, 2019


The Stark County District Library strives to provide broad access to resources and services that meet the educational, cultural, and recreational needs of the diverse community of Stark County. The Borrowing Privileges Policy of the Stark County District Library exists to facilitate community access to the materials and information contained in the library’s collections, resources, and networks.

Library Cards Eligibility


Any individual who presents acceptable identification may obtain a free library card. Educator and Organizational cards may be available upon request.


The cardholder is responsible for the cost of any lost or damaged items as well as any fines, if applicable, for late materials. Parents/Guardians are accountable for all materials borrowed by their minor children.

Our Rights

The library may refuse to issue a card to a former cardholder who has outstanding charges.

Library Card Registration


  • Applicant must show an acceptable form of identification.


  • Applicant must complete a library card application.
  • Parent/Guardian signature is required.
  • Identification is not required.
  • Some parental restrictions to materials and resources are available.

 Online Library Card

  • An Online Library Card is available online.
  • Applicant must live, work, or attend school in Ohio.
  • Identification is not required. The Online Card only allows access to online services, including databases and downloadable electronic materials.
  • An Online Card can be converted to a regular card with full functionality by visiting a library location and completing the applicable registration requirements.
  • An Online Card will expire in 1 year if not converted to a regular card.

Loan Periods, Renewals, and Item Limits

The library will maintain loan periods, renewals, and item limits which provide patrons with an adequate amount of time for both using and returning library materials.

Claimed Returned Items

Items that patrons say have been returned, but cannot be located on the shelves, may be placed in the Claimed Returned status. The library allows three items to be carried in Claimed Returned over the lifetime of the card. The patron will not be financially responsible for items nor will the Claimed Returned items hinder the checking out of other materials. However, any materials lost beyond three items must be paid in full.


If a patron locates an item after paying for it, a refund will be issued for the cost of the item minus a processing fee, as indicated in the Table of Charges Policy. The request must be made within thirty days of the payment. Patrons who request a refund must provide the receipt that was issued by the library at the time payment was tendered.

Denial of Borrowing Privileges

Patron borrowing privileges will be denied when lost material fees or fines exceed $25.00. Any patron who has been referred to the collection agency will be denied borrowing privileges until all delinquent materials are returned or all fees/fines are paid so the balance is under $25.00.

Confidentiality of User Record

Pursuant to Ohio Revised Code, the library shall not disclose any record or information that identifies a user of library services as requesting or obtaining specific materials or services or as others using the library. Records may be disclosed only in the following circumstances:

  • On the verbal or written consent of the library user
  • On receipt of a court order
  • If required by law

Employee Borrowing Privileges

In general terms, the borrowing privileges and responsibilities for employees are the same as those described for patrons. Complete details of the library’s expectations relating to employee borrowing of library materials are in the Employee Borrowing Privileges section of the Employee Handbook.

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