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Internet and Computer Use Procedures

Effective Date: March 28, 2005
Last revised: February 19, 2008

The Stark County District Library has always maintained a commitment to providing our community with the widest possible access to information. We are pleased to offer free Internet and computer access to our patrons.

Patrons age 16 and above will have the option to select filtered or unfiltered Internet access. Patrons under the age of 16 will have Internet access (filtered or unfiltered) as determined by his or her parent or legal guardian through the library card application's Parental Consent Form. Each patron is prompted to enter his or her library card number upon accessing a filtered website. Upon verification of the library card, unfiltered access is available.

Registration procedures for using library computers and access time may vary by agency.

Computers are shut down 15 minutes prior to closing time.

The library does not collect personal information or retain any data from patron Internet and computer use sessions.

Patrons are expected to respect the privacy and property of others. Patrons are not permitted to install their own software on or to connect their own hardware to library computers, to seek unauthorized access to any computer system, or to damage or alter any components of any computer, network, or database with the exception of flash drives (in accordance with the Internet and Computer Use Policy) and headphones.

The library cannot be held responsible for any loss of profits, goods, or services resulting from the use of library computers.

Patrons age 16 and above who do not have a library card may seek library staff assistance to access the Internet upon reaching a filtered site. A patron who does not have his or her library card, but does have proper identification, may request that library staff look up his or her library card number.

The library provides a variety of ways for patrons to record the information obtained from the Internet and computer use at nominal cost as detailed in the Document Delivery and Table of Charges Policy.

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