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Exhibit and Display Procedures

Effective Date April 25, 2006


The charge of the Exhibit Team is to establish the guidelines for scheduling displays or exhibits for display cases and to uphold the principles of the Stark County District Library Exhibit and Display Policy.

Procedures for the requestor

  1. The requestor must complete and return the exhibit and display request form to the Library location intended for display.
  2. Requests may be submitted six (6) months in advance but no later than one (1) month prior to the date the exhibit begins, exceptions may be made only by the supervisor.
  3. The Exhibit/display must be picked up within two (2) days of the end date, unless other arrangements are made.

Procedures for the staff

  1. Upon receiving a request, designated library staff should write the date of the request on the line provided on the form.
  2. Library staff will approve or deny the request based on availability and Display Guidelines.
  3. Library staff will notify their supervisor and Public Information office of such request.
  4. Library staff will notify the requestor within 7-10 days of request.
  5. Requests will remain on file at submitted agency for one (1) year.

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