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Exhibit and Display Policy

Adopted Date April 16, 2002.


1) It is consistent with the Stark County District Library's function to provide access to intellectual, educational, informational and cultural resources of the community.

2) Exhibits and displays offer a means for public expression by individuals and groups in the community.

3) Exhibits and displays also can enrich the Stark County District Library by allowing it to serve in a community forum role.


1) Therefore, appropriate exhibits and displays from nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, government agencies and individuals and groups are permitted subject to guidelines and space availability on an equitable basis regardless of the parties' beliefs of affiliations.

2) Use of exhibit and display space is limited to those otherwise eligible who are within the community served by Stark County District Library.

3) The fact that an organization or person is permitted the use of any Library exhibit or display area does not in any way constitute an endorsement by the Library of their policies or beliefs.

4) The Library Director and Library Board reserve the right to cancel any exhibit or display should conditions or situations warrant such action.

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