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Digital Video Security Systems

February 13, 2008*


Security cameras will be used by the Stark County District Library to discourage violations of the library's code of conduct, to assist library staff in preventing the recurrence of any violations, and when necessary, to provide law enforcement assistance in prosecuting criminal activity. The purpose of these procedures is to establish guidelines for the placement and use of digital video cameras, as well as the access and retrieval of recorded digital video images at the Stark County District Library.

Camera Installation

Cameras may be installed only in places where staff and patrons would not have a reasonable expectation of privacy. Examples include common areas of the library such as entrances, book stacks, public seating, hallways, stairways, delivery and work areas, and parking lots.

Cameras will not be installed in areas of the library where staff or patrons have reasonable expectation of privacy, such as restrooms.


Cameras will be initially installed at the Main Library, DeHoff Branch, and Madge Youtz Branch. Security Cameras will be placed in both indoor and outdoor areas.

Appropriate signage will be posted at entrances of facilities equipped with video surveillance.

Security will monitor camera images as needed. No one will be assigned to monitor the camera images on a continual basis.

Recorded video will be saved no longer than 30 days and will then be automatically erased unless retained as part of a criminal investigation or court proceedings (criminal or civil), or for any other bona fide use.

The Security Manager will monitor developments in relevant law and security industry practices to ensure that the library's use is consistent with the highest quality standards, privacy protections, and is compliant with Federal, State, and local laws.

Images recorded by the cameras shall be treated as library records and are subject to the same protections defined in the Library's Confidentiality of Library Records and Patron Information (Document #PM1003).

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