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Our Purpose

At Stark Library, we invite everyone into a welcoming place, inform them with resources that will help them grow, and then send them back out to change and transform the world. We think of this ongoing, lifelong process as OUR PURPOSE.


We nurture the youngest people in the community - our children. Our GUIDE initiatives are designed to help families teach their children strong reading and basic life skills. This early childhood development mission allows us to provide free programs, events, and many other resources to help parents develop in their children a lifelong desire to learn.


Most of us want to keep expanding our knowledge behind childhood; we hope for lifelong inspired learning. But there are many who don't have access to resources that keep us on the learning track. Stark Library’s GROW commitment means that all of our primary resources are free and available — books, ebooks, DVDs, periodicals, genealogy research, and much more. Just perform a quick search on this website and you won't believe how many resources there are on just about any topic you can dream of!


Finally, it’s our responsibility to do something with what we’ve received - to share our knowledge with the world. Our GO programs foster community development, inspired by the fact that each of us at some point in time needs a helping hand. Our outreach mission manifests itself in the Bookmobile, community assistance programs, partnerships with local non-profits, and website resources that help patrons connect with other groups and organizations in their towns.

Regardless of how old you are or what you’ve got going on in your life, Stark Library can play a vital and vibrant role in helping you become the best possible version of yourself - at home, on the job, and in your community.

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