Our Big Why

Stark Library is always changing and evolving to better serve our friends and neighbors, but what remains consistent and guides our decision-making is our mission statement.

Our Mission:

We spark curiosity and foster knowledge by connecting everyone to resources, services, and opportunities.

Who We Aspire To Be:

We will be a trusted guide in the community—inviting, inspiring, and empowering all people to pursue creativity and lifelong learning.

What We Value:

Respect | We treat each person with dignity, regardless of race, gender, faith, politics, or status.

Equal Access We help all people tap into the tools and resources they need to live life.

Serving Others with Excellence | We go above and beyond in our efforts to meet the needs of all people.

Confidentiality | We always keep personal information safe and secure.

Literacy | We promote reading, writing, and thinking at every season of life.

Collaboration | We partner with others to enhance the community.

Forward Thinking | We proactively evolve, transforming with the times, to better serve our community.

Intellectual Freedom | We foster a safe space in which varied ideas and beliefs can thrive amidst debate or dialogue.

How We Impact:

We enrich our community by opening doors to information and experiences that ignite passion for lifelong learning and transform lives.

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