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Your Next Adventure is Calling!

Does the arrival of spring have you ready to depart on an adventure? I don’t know about you, but as soon as we have the first warm day, my bags are packed and I’m searching for a palm tree to hug and a sandy beach to plant my toes.

There’s a lot that goes into planning a getaway, and let’s face it, it can be stressful. Before you book with your travel agent, book it to the Library for your travel needs—we have tips and tricks to make it as stress-free as it should be!

Three ways to cut down on your preflight checklist:

  1. Get (or renew) your passport! You’ve finally rescheduled last summer’s trip. Your bags packed and your flights booked—but don’t forget to check your passport! You can apply for a passport or renew yours at the library with ease!
  2. Brush up on your language skills while you countdown to departure day! Mango Languages offers conversational skills in over 70 languages including Spanish, German, French—even Pirate!
  3. Print your boarding pass! No printer? No problem! Print important travel documents like boarding passes, itineraries, and directions wirelessly at no charge (up to $1.50).

Four ways to stay entertained on the road, in the air, or by the pool:

  1. Every road trip needs a soundtrack! Create yours with a fun collection of CDs or instantly download over 250,000 albums free with Hoopla.
  2. Save valuable suitcase space the digital library! Instantly check out the latest titles or download the hottest books right on your tablet or phone— no need to pay for extra luggage!
  3. Really get into the story with an audiobook. Keep everyone entertained on the ride with over 30,000 audiobooks or books on CD you can borrow for free and access from anywhere.
  4. Take flight with the digital newsstand and explore exotic locations and hot destinations or just find some easy reading with our eMagazine collection and tune out a chatty seatmate.*Did you know? Overdrive has acquired RBdigital and now has over 3000 of your favorite magazines to read on any of your devices.

Three ideas to help you make the most of your stay-cation!

  1. Do you love classic Spring Break movies and songs? Check out the Spring Break Collection from Hoopla!
  2. Get out of the house and into the story with a spring Storywalk® (or five)! Explore local trails and follow the pages to discover where the story will take you.  Or just check out all of the beautiful trails we have here in Stark County! Our Perry Sippo Branch has some beautiful trails to explore!
  3. Explore museums, zoos, and attractions around the world! Explore the Lourve, the Great Wall, Vatican, Mars, and much more, without leaving your couch— thanks to the wonder of virtual tours!