What’s new at the Library this week?

Can you believe it’s almost August? This year has been a blur! We’ve had to find some pretty creative ways to serve you over the past few months— curbside services, virtual events, live story times, and more! It’s hard to believe that 6 months ago “social distancing” wasn’t part of our everyday lingo. That’s why we celebrate every step we take towards “normalcy.” Last week we were excited to release the planned re-opening schedule for our remaining branches. (Yay! Happy dance of joy!)

This week, Lake Community and Madge Youtz Branches re-opened. Managers, Julie and Linda, share their thoughts on being back below.


Lake Community Re-opening

 There was a feeling of excitement (with a pinch of nerves) in the air last Tuesday when Lake Community Branch opened its doors to patrons for the first time in just over four months. It was almost like the building itself was happy to have people coming in and out of its doors again. Our stress was high that first morning, as we had a lot of patrons arrive, and we worked to get into a rhythm with this new way of doing things.

We had to make tweaks to our original plan several times along the way, but the volume evened out after that first morning, and it was all worth it when we saw the excitement from our patrons. All morning long, and for the week since we have heard repeatedly how happy people are that we are open once again. Many have commented that they didn’t realize how important the library was to them until they couldn’t access the building anymore, and they have a newfound appreciation for Stark Library. For many, the closure meant that daily and weekly routines were greatly disrupted, and they are now finding comfort and a sense of “normalcy” in being able to stop at the library once again.

While we still have many utilizing the Library to Go service, many are opting instead to walk in the doors, browse the shelves, and hold books and movies in their hands once again. To the many patrons who have commented, “I am so glad you are open again; I have missed you so much!” we have responded with a resounding, “Us too!”

Julie Burley, Branch Manager


Madge Youtz Re-opening

One of the most exciting aspects to re-opening the Madge Youtz Branch has been engaging with patrons and meeting new patrons who had never visited the branch before.  It was good to catch up with the “regulars” to see how they kept busy while the library was closed.  I’ve been amazed at how the closure of our library had impacted the lives of our patrons. 

Many of our patrons struggled to find a place to fax their timecards for work; several needed copies of important documents; and a few missed being able to check out DVDs and books.  Some of the patrons shared how they missed visiting the library to talk with a librarian.  The library is often the only place that many of our patrons have to socialize. It’s been very rewarding to see how our patrons react when they walk through our open doors. 

If I had any doubt regarding our importance in the community, it is no longer there.

Linda Bennett, Branch Manager

Please watch your due dates!

At least something’s back to normal—borrowing periods! That’s right for all materials checked out are now back to normal — be sure to check your due dates.

You can return your materials using the drop box at each branch. Or in branch, if you’re visiting. Please remember that we are quarantining all returned items for four days, so they will continue to show on your card. You can visit My Account to check your due dates.