All locations are closed July 4 to celebrate the holiday.

Summer Fun Starts Here!

The past year has been challenging for families, especially those with school-aged children. We’ve asked our children to change the way they live and learn— to stay home, avoid friends, wear masks—and they did. They adapted to a world of social distancing and hybrid and virtual learning, but it came at a cost: high stress and learning loss.

More than ever, we need to encourage our kids to keep learning—without burning them out. But how? It’s easier than you think with the Library!

Three easy, fun, and FREE ways to have a blast with the Library this summer.

1. Take the Summer Challenge and earn points and win prizes by doing what you do best—reading, exploring, and playing! Have a hoot learning all about owls, go on a scavenger hunt, host a dance party, and more! It’s open to all ages and you get a great list of activities for the whole family to join in!

Join us on June 9 for a virtual kickoff party and meet Laura Numeroff, the author of the beloved classic “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie,” and get an inside look at your favorite characters, talk about her classic stories, and more.


2. Make the most out of movie night! If you’re gearing up for a Family Fun Night, don’t forget to stop by the Library for the essentials.

Borrow a Movie Kit
Learn to speak whale, rally the sheep, train your dragons, and do a fun craft together!
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Reserve a projector
Turn your driveway into a drive-in and watch a movie under the stars!
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Borrow a Telescope
Speaking of stars—go stargazing and explore the night sky! What constellations can you find?
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3. Visit a Summer StoryWalk® and get out of the house and into the story! Explore the local trails and follow the pages to discover where the story will take you.

Tails from the Animal Shelter by Stephanie Shaw
June 7-July 2│Hartville Square

Outside In by Deborah Underwood
June 11-13│Sippo Lake Park
July 9-11 │East Canton Foltz Center

Move Over, Rover by Karen Beaumont
June 18-20│Madge Youtz Branch
July 16-18│Jackson North Park

100 Bugs! by Kate Narita
June 25-27│Veterans’ Park
August 6-9│Fry Family Park

Ruby Finds a Worry by Tom Percival
July 2-5│Weis Park
July 30-Aug 1│Stadium Park

 Download your Summer Challenge Map for more great ideas!