RBdigital eMagazines are Moving!

Do you browse your favorite magazines on the go with our Digital Newsstand? Then this news is for you!

RBdigital eMagazines are moving to OverDrive and Libby!

That’s right, access to magazines through RBdigital will end March 31, 2021— but don’t worry! All your favorite titles— Catster, Cosmopolitan, Good Housekeeping, The New Yorker (and more)— that were available in RBdigital will be available in OverDrive. You’ll still be able to browse, borrow, and enjoy all the same content you loved in Overdrive’s Libby app and through the Ohio Digital Library.

Why are they moving?

OverDrive acquired RBdigital last year and chose to discontinue the RBdigital platform and move all content into its own platform. 

How do I find eMagazine titles?

The easiest way to find a magazine on the OverDrive website or Libby is to search for it by title. You can also browse our digital library or on-the-go in the mobile app.

How do I read eMagazines?

You can check out eMagazines in OverDrive for up to 21 days. Magazines are automatically returned, but you can renew them as many times as you’d like.


As with every platform change, there will be some minor differences in how things work. The next issue of a magazine will no longer be automatically checked out to your account. Instead, you'll receive a notification when a new issue is available. Still, the main change will be the addition of over 3,000 great titles available for you to borrow.

What About Back Issues?

You might want to see a chiropractor for those. Oh, you mean eMagazine back issues! If you previously used the Libby app for magazines, here’s a new perk you’ll love—now you can enjoy three years of available back issues of your favorite eMagazines!


To view back issues, find the current issue of a title. On the OverDrive website, they will be available under the Select Another Issue button. In the Libby app, they are available toward the bottom of the page.