Happy (Re)New Year!

We made it! Even though we feel like we ran a marathon with a charley horse, or like the last band of post-apocalyptic survivors, we made it through one of the most challenging years on record. 2020 was wild—we survived earthquakes, fires, a pandemic, and a toilet paper shortage, and we’re exhausted! We are ready for a fresh start and a (hopefully) calmer 2021.

Even without all of that, we’re always hopeful for a New Year. That’s why we make resolutions like getting healthy, saving money, getting organized, or just being a better person. We are always challenging ourselves to be better, but after the year we’ve had, we need to breathe, reset, and #BeRenewed.

Just a few small tweaks can have you feeling more relaxed, healthier, and energetic. As we look to a brighter 2021, let’s try to remember that hindsight is 2020. Here are a few ways to refresh your body, mind, and spirit in the New Year: 

Take Care of your Body

In this age of online ordering, remote work, and curbside-convenience, it’s easy to slip into a sedentary lifestyle, but it’s important to remind yourself to move. Set a reminder on your phone and get moving at least once an hour. If you’re brave enough to hit the gym, make a playlist to get you excited for your workout. Even if you can’t make it to the gym, a quick walk around the block or some light yoga stretches can have a big impact on your mood and energy level.  

Of course, improving your diet has a big impact, too. Cutting down on take out is an easy way to save money and improve your health. Try working a few new recipes into your meal planning.

Exercise your Mind

Just like any other part of the body, your brain needs to be cared for too. Even simple activities like doing puzzles and playing cards can greatly impact your memory, concentration, and focus and help keep your brain sharp as you get older.  

Of course, we are always here to help you learn a new skill, explore a new hobby, or challenge yourself by exploring a new genre. Sign up for Fresh Picks and get personalized reading recommendations from our friendly librarians.

Renew Your Spirit

We know it’s important to challenge our minds, but it’s also important to take a moment to recharge. Is your brain running a million miles a minute? Adult coloring books, soothing music, and guided meditations are great ways to clear your mind and unwind. Explore guided meditations on Hoopla.

If your idea of unwinding is exploring new places, you may also enjoy virtual tours around the world. Check out the Louvre, the Great Wall of China, Mount Everest, Mars, and more without going through customs!