Four Ways to #BeFestive this Season

With all the hustle and bustle of the holidays, it’s easy to get caught up in a flurry of activity and forget what the season all about—especially this year when you can’t gather with friends and family! While we can’t go out, there are still a ton of ways to #BeFestive at home, like putting on your favorite playlist, baking sweet treats, sledding in the snow, and making the most out of this time to pause.

Here are four ways the library can be a part of your favorite traditions:

Curl up with cocoa and a movie.

We all have traditions that we look forward to. For my family, watching holiday specials. Every evening in December, we all pile on the couch with cocoa and blankets to root for misfit toys, watch Barney and Fred help deliver gifts, and take a trip to the North Pole on a magic train.

We don’t have to go out to have a great time—there’s just something special about watching old (and new) favorites under the colorful glow of holiday lights. We even use the library to watch some of our favorite specials. Check out our holiday movie collection.

Make a gingerbread creation!

Cookies are a seasonal staple, but so is the Library’s Gingerbread Extravaganza!  The Benzing family has made it a tradition to get together and create an architectural masterpiece.   

“A really important life skill? Gingerbread house construction. Not making. Constructing. The art of creating these massive edible structures requires gingerbread tougher than getting into Duke (which I did) and icing with the binding properties of a rare earth magnet. 

My family undertakes these mega-projects for pure enjoyment. Countless hours over two weeks are dedicated to the simple joy of working. In the end, pictures and memories are all that remain of Whoville, the Rockefeller Center, and Hogwarts.”– Laura Benzing

This year we will be hosting the Gingerbread Contest virtually. Make it a part of your tradition and enter your creation.



Create a handmade gift for that special someone.

Why shop for that perfect gift when you can make it? With CreativeBug and our Gifts from the Heart and Home series, you can learn to make beautiful gifts—like a hat, mugs, photo mementos, and more— they’ll want to keep forever. Of course, if you aren’t a crafter, cookies are always appreciated!

Make the perfect playlist.

What’s your soundtrack of the season? Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree? The Chipmunk Song? Instrumental? A little bit of music is the perfect backdrop to any memory making. Play your favorites while you bake, decorate, or just relax. Check out our holiday collection and start decking the halls!