Database of the Month: Legal Forms

At some point in our lives, we all need some kind of legal paperwork. Whether it’s changing your name, a lease for an apartment, or you’re finally getting your will written up (guilty as charged), dealing with the legal system is a pain. Thankfully, your worries are a thing of the past when you find the form you need with LegalForms through your local library. And don’t worry—you can access all this for free!

Gale LegalForms

Introducing: Gale LegalForms

LegalForms has a ton of different options for you to use—from simple forms that barely require anything other than your name to forms that you should probably have an attorney help you with. Let’s cover a few different types of forms and find the most ridiculous examples of each, then add in some dog and cat pictures for good measure!


Real Estate forms cover anything where land use is involved.

Dog Red HouseThis includes buying/selling/leasing property, community associations, and communally owned property, boundary lines, mortgages, property management, and much more. This is a huge section of the law that many of us interact with pretty regularly, but I don’t know if anyone reading this will ever need a “Contract Between Landowner and Contractor to Swath Hay.” Oh, and do you know anyone interested in a cute red farmhouse? Two stories, though it’s only about 15 square feet. Comes with an adorable tenant. 


Pool DogLeases are pretty familiar forms to many of us, but there are lots of different types of things you can lease! From cars and apartments to flea markets and dunk tanks, no matter what you need to lease, you can probably find a form for it. And yeah. There’s a form entitled “Agreement to Rent Dunk Tank and to Indemnify Owner.” Though who needs a dunk tank when this good boy has his own private pool! 


Most of us also have to deal with employment law. Here, you can find your serious forms like employee discipline, COBRA,Dancing Dog and sexual harassment forms, but what if you want to hire a dance instructor or work for a co-op grocery store? You guessed it, LegalForms has those too! And if you need a dance instructor, may we recommend Silvia the bichon frise? She’s simply divine (and loves tummy rubs). 


Wills are very important! If you've been putting yours off, check out this section of the site. There are even easy versionsCat2 where you just type your name, address, and your beneficiaries, as well as any special stuff you want to make sure to leave to a certain person. Find a couple people to act as witnesses, and then... voila--you’ve got yourself a will! There aren’t really any funny wills, but this adorable kitten has a high five for anyone who has completed their will!

Try it for yourself!

Check out the list of commonly searched-for legal forms on the home page of the site BEFORE you need them. That way you’re not panicking trying to figure out how to use the site when you’re in a hurry. If you need more help, you can check out the Attorney Directory on the LegalForms site or contact Community Legal Aid online or at their location nearest you.