Database of the Month: Consumer Reports

The holiday season and all its gift-giving are suddenly around the corner! If you’re looking for a big gift for someone in your life—whether it’s a cell phone, an air fryer, a fancy coffee maker, or the latest tech gadget—make sure you’re getting the best bang for your buck with reviews and ratings from a trusted source. And all you need is a library card! Don’t have one? Get access instantly with a web card!

Consumer Reports

Introducing: Consumer ReportsCR Covers

Consumer Reports is another physical magazine that has successfully made the transition to digital! Founded in 1936, Consumer Reports is a nonprofit dedicated to consumer safety and satisfaction. Over the years, their work has helped to hold manufacturers accountable and limit false advertising. And while you’d typically have to pay to get proper access to their information, Stark Library uses tax dollars to pay for both a physical and digital subscription--so why would you buy it when you’ve already paid once? 


Ratings and Reviews

CR Ratings and ReviewsConsumer Reports uses independent testing not associated with any manufacturers to get the data they use for their work. Then all the quantifiable information is used to create a rating. Ratings use the system you see to the left with colors and symbols to indicate quality, using categories that are both objective (minutes of battery life) and subjective (“sensory score” as applied in their rating of frozen cheese pizzas). These categories then feed into an overall 0-100 score to help rank purchases, with reviews alongside many products to further highlight their strengths and weaknesses. For some categories, they’ll even recommend brands that scored particularly well and highlight the products that will give you the best value for the cheapest price. Why get a $150 rice cooker when a $30 one still gives you the perfect light and fluffy basmati?

Go forth and research!

As you’ve probably noticed, Consumer Reports rates much more than just cars and refrigerators. They will consider products in the categories of appliances & home products, cars, electronics, food, and health. So, whether you’re shopping for the best tablet for your mother-in-law or a better-tasting pasta sauce (yup, they review that too!), Consumer Reports and Stark Library have your back this holiday season!