Celebrate Women’s History Month!

March is Women’s History Month. It’s an opportunity to celebrate the woman like Susan B. Anthony, Amelia Earhart, Maya Angelou (and more) who challenged the status quo to impact our history, culture, society and fought for a brighter future for our daughters.
Bring her-story to life and learn all about influential women of the past and present with these titles celebrating noteworthy women selected just for you!

Adult Fiction

Zorrie : A Novel by Laird Hunt

Cast adrift in the Depression-era West after the last of her relatives pass away, Zorrie survives by working at a radium processing plant before finding love, community and unexpected loss upon returning to her small Indiana hometown.

The Book of Lost Names by Kristin Harmel

The best-selling author of The Winemaker’s Wife draws on true events in the story of a Polish graduate student in World War II who uses her forgery talents to help hundreds of Jewish children flee the Nazis.

The Hundred Wells of Salaga by Ayesha Harruna Attah

"Based on true events, a story of courage, forgiveness, love, and freedom in pre-colonial Ghana, told through the eyes of two women born to vastly different fates. Aminah lives an idyllic life until she is brutally separated from her home and forced on a journey that turns her from a daydreamer into a resilient woman. Wurche, the willful daughter of a chief, is desperate to play an important role in her father's court. These two women's lives converge as infighting among Wurche's people threatens the region, during the height of the slave trade at the end of the nineteenth century. Through the experiences of Aminah and Wurche, The Hundred Wells of Salaga offers a remarkable view of slavery and how the scramble for Africa affected the lives of everyday people."

Adult Nonfiction 

The Soul of a Woman by Isabel Allende

The best-selling author of A Long Petal of the Sea describes her lifelong commitment to feminism, her fight to provide for her children, the gender and race obstacles that challenged her goals, and her international successes as a writer.

The Panic Years: Dates, Doubts, and the Mother of All Decisions by Nell Frizzell

A Vogue family columnist compassionately explores the time of life when women actively question their personal desire and readiness for motherhood, sharing cultural insights into how to approach life-changing parenting decisions.

Rude: Stop Being Nice and Start Being Bold by Rebecca Reid

The London-based Telegraph columnist identifies the societally imposed gender limits that prevent women from having equal footing in careers and relationships, counseling readers on how to use the power of courageous decisions to advance personal goals.

Suffrage: Women's Long Battle for the Vote by Ellen Carol DuBois

Published to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment, a high-energy chronicle of the movement for women’s voting rights shares bold portraits of its devoted leaders and activists.


In Her Footsteps: Where Trailblazing Women Changed the World by Lonely Planet Publications

Discover the lives and locations of trailblazing women who changed the course of history as you journey to the heart of women’s activism, history, and creativity through the ages.

The Radium Girls: The Scary but True Story of the Poison That Made People Glow in the Dark: Young Readers Edition by Kate Moore

Explore the unbelievable true story of America's glowing girls and their fight for justice in the young reader's edition of the New York Times and USA Today bestseller The Radium Girls. This enthralling new edition includes all-new material, including a glossary, timeline, and dozens of bonus photos.

Fly Like a Girl: One Woman's Dramatic Fight in Afghanistan and on the Home Front by Mary Jennings Hegar

Complemented by exclusive photos, a young readers edition of the story about decorated Air National Guard Major Mary Jennings Hegar describes the acts of courage that helped her convince the government to allow women to serve openly on the front lines.


Dreams for a Daughter by Carole Boston Weatherford

An award-winning team presents an evocative love letter from a Black mother to her daughter conveying messages about never giving up and knowing that her dreams will be lovingly supported from home anywhere she goes in the world.

Wonder Women of Science: How 12 Geniuses Are Rocking Science, Technology, and the World by Tiera Fletcher

Meet award-winning aerospace engineer Tiera Fletcher and twelve other science superstars and hear them tell in their own words not only about their fascinating work, but also about their childhoods and the paths they traveled to get where they are & paths that often involved failures and unexpected changes in direction, but also persistence, serendipity, and brilliant insights. Their careers range from computer scientist to microbiologist to unique specialties that didn't exist before some amazing women profiled here created them.

Code Breaker, Spy Hunter: How Elizebeth Friedman Changed the Course of Two World Wars by Laurie Wallmark

In this picture book biography, young readers will learn all about Elizebeth Friedman, a brilliant American code breaker who smashed Nazi spy rings, took down gangsters, and created the CIA's first cryptology unit. Her story came to light when her secret papers were finally declassified in 2015.

Dr. Mae Jemison: Brave Rocketeer by Heather Alexander

Mae Jemison is the first African American woman to travel to space. She's also a medical doctor who once joined the Peace Corps. And a trained dancer, too! Experience all the exciting moments in Dr. Jemison's thrilling life in this exciting biography, packed with two-color illustrations and fun facts, including the secrets of NASA