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Posted by scdltechnologytraining on 27 April 2015 | Comments

Keyboard Shortcuts: Ctrl + Z (and Y)

So, you’re working away on something. It could be anything, a paper for school, an online job application, or a Tweet about what you ate for lunch. But then something goes terribly wrong. Your cat jumps on your keyboard, and of course those pesky little paws couldn’t land on Ctrl + S (which is the keyboard shortcut for Save in most programs). No, the lovely fur ball you feed and shelter just did you don’t know what exactly, but that perfect phrase you spent 15 minutes crafting has been deleted. You are never going to remember what you wrote. Perfection like that is inspired by a Muse, an ...

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Posted by scdltechnologytraining on 20 April 2015 | Comments

Find Your Lost Smartphone

Would you be able to find your phone if it was lost or stolen?  Not that long ago my daughter lost her phone twice in one month.  The first time she lost it there was no tracking on it, so it cost us a lot of time and worry before we found it.  We added a tracking app from the Google Playstore and the second time we were able to locate and retrieve the phone within 45 minutes. Many of us have a lot of information or valuable content on our phones, at least valuable to us, so why not add a tracking app to try and locate it if it’s lost, stolen, or even hiding in the couch cushions?  If ...

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Posted by scdltechnologytraining on 13 April 2015 | Comments

New Look for Library’s Streaming Service

For over a year Stark County District Library has offered cardholders access to a streaming service called Hoopla. Users can browse hundreds of thousands of movies, TV shows, albums and audio books – all available all the time. It’s kind of like Netflix from the library, except it’s free and offers more types of materials.  Hoopla recently made updates to their website and apps that they hope will improve your browsing experience. Major points of emphasis from Hoopla include: New home screen Borrowing, streaming, and/or downloading in fewer touches Receive a more tailored experience wi ...

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Posted by scdltechnologytraining on 8 April 2015 | Comments

Spring Clean Your Device

As you clean out the closets and sweep up the garage this time of year consider also “cleaning” your devices as well. Below are tips on how to improve performance, extend battery life, and adjust settings to help you stay organized on your device. Boost your batter life. If you want to conserve battery life the first place to look is in your Settings. Minor adjustments can save previous minutes. Visit your Settings app to make these adjustments: Disabling location services or setting screen brightness to automatic could save precious minutes of battery life. Turn off other things like WiF ...

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Posted by scdltechnologytraining on 23 March 2015 | Comments

Keyboard Shortcuts: Ctrl + C, X, and V

So many of us are used to point and click to accomplish basic tasks on a computer, or increasingly, tap on a touch screen. But sometimes it’s easier or faster to do what you want by using keyboard shortcuts. The shortcuts I use most often are for Copy, Cut, and Paste. To Copy, use the Ctrl key and C at the same time. Cut is Ctrl and X. To Paste either a Copy or a Cut, use Ctrl and V. These shortcuts work in most programs, including Microsoft Word and on the internet. Why would you want to use any of these? One instance I run into often is transferring text from the internet to a Word docum ...

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Posted by scdltechnologytraining on 16 March 2015 | Comments

Are You Pinning?

Last week I asked one of my coworkers if she received the pin I sent her. Immediately after telling me she wasn’t an active pinner I rolled over to her side in my office chair for a quick rundown of the all-embracing world of creative possibility that is Pinterest. Not an hour later she was following her colleagues, pinning fun ideas on new boards to help with her library programs, and downloading the mobile app on her smartphone. A pinning addict was born! More than a tool to help with work-related projects, the list of possibilities Pinterest has the capacity of inspiring is literally as ...

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Posted by scdltechnologytraining on 9 March 2015 | Comments

An introduction to the Windows Control Panel

On computers running Windows, the Control Panel is a central location where various utilities can be accessed that help you manage or customize your computer. By familiarizing yourself with the Control Panel, you can learn easy solutions for common problems, change settings for various aspects of your PC, and perform important administrative tasks. Basically, the Control Panel is a critical tool that can improve your experience as a user and allow you to get more out of your computer. Where is the Control Panel? On Windows Vista and 7, the Control Panel is accessible as a link in the Start Men ...

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Posted by scdltechnologytraining on 19 February 2015 | Comments

Control + F: More than just finding stuff

Lately I’ve been working on some long Word documents (hundreds of pages) with my husband. We’re both using Microsoft Office 2013, and there are some amazing features in 2013, some of which first appeared in 2007 but we’re just utilizing now. Our favorites can be found when you type the control key (Ctrl) and the letter F at the same time. I’ve known about Ctrl+F for a long time as a way to find a specific word in a document or on a webpage, but finding a word is the least interesting thing you can do with Ctrl+F in Word 2013. So, for the sake of argument, say you’re writing a novel w ...

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Posted by scdltechnologytraining on 9 January 2015 | Comments

Winter Technology Classes for 2015

Tech Tuesdays @ the Main Library Join us for Tech Tuesdays @ the Main Library. On the second and fourth Tuesday of each month SCDL Technology Trainers and IT Specialists present a technology “I didn’t know you could do that” demonstration.  No Registration required!  For more information call 330-458-3150 or email Tuesdays ● 3:00-4:00 pm @ The Stark County District Library, 715 Market Avenue North, Canton, Ohio 44702 Jan 13 … Register your new gadget today Jan 27 … Free photo editing tools Feb 10 … Learn about Dropbox cloud storage Feb 24 … Manage y ...

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Posted by scdltechnologytraining on 22 December 2014 | Comments

PC Buyer’s Guide

If you’re shopping for a new computer, you’re certain to be confronted by a number of terms and technical jargon. Sure, 8 GB of RAM sounds good, but what does it really mean? This guide is meant to provide you with some common definitions and things to look for when buying a new desktop or laptop PC. What to look for in a PC Form Factor Choosing the correct form factor is a matter of determining how you want to use your new PC. Want something portable, but still capable of many different tasks? Buy a laptop/notebook. Need something even lighter for frequent travel and willing to sacrific ...

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